New 2023 Mazda 3: What We Know So Far

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2023 Mazda 3 Redesign Exterior, Interior, and Specs

2023 Mazda 3 – Mazda is a brand that makes a lot of cars with attractive designs. Many types of vehicles from this brand are selling well in the market. One of the cars we expect from Mazda is the future car 2023 Mazda 3. Indeed this car should have a lot of improvement over the current Mazda 3.

2023 Mazda 3 Redesign

2023 Mazda 3 Redesign

What’s New 2023 Mazda 3

The 2023 Mazda 3 is expected to present a new design from several sides of the car. The unique part is to decorate the mask, hood, and front light. The front lights look like both eyeballs, with the Mazda logo on the nose. 2023 Mazda 3 also applies to Mazda’s Kodo design, which has won many awards.

2023 Mazda 3 Model

Like the current Mazda 3, future versions of this car are also expected to have sedan and hatchback types. Both types must also have subtypes with some striking differences.

2023 Mazda 3 Model

2023 Mazda 3 Model

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The presence of electrical energy into one of the great revolutions for the automotive world. Electric cars are the future, and petroleum fuels will indeed be abandoned. That’s why we expect more than just a petrol car from the 2023 Mazda 3.

This car must adopt an electric car engine with battery power from Tesla that uses CVT / FWD / AWD propulsion. In addition, the vehicle is also expected to have more horsepower than 400 horsepower, maximum torque of over 442 lb-ft, and has a range of 0-100 KM / h in less than 7 seconds.

But for 2023, it looks like petrol isn’t too bad to use. The engine used by the Mazda 3 now is a 2L 4-cylinder and is also good to use. But, we were expecting a better machine than it was.

The capacity of Passenger and Cargo

As a means of active transportation, a car must have adequate passenger and cargo capacity, mainly if the vehicle is often used for families. Indeed I have to have a spacious room that can accommodate many people.

Just like the Mazda 3 at present, the car 2023 Mazda 3 is also at least able to accommodate five passengers. This will keep it friendly to the family car. In addition, adding one seat to 6 passengers isn’t a bad thing because it could be more valuable for the 2023 Mazda 3 as the family car.

Cargo capacity is also necessary to note. At least, this car should load the goods with a total of over 350 L. It makes the car isn’t much different from the Mazda 3 now.

Safety Features

If it’s speculated as an electric car, this car should have better features than usual. Moreover, electrical energy can make the vehicle more robust than usual. At least, advanced security features on a Mazda 3 today must be in the New Mazda 3. Such as Smart City Brake Support, Lane-keep Assist System, Blind Spot Monitoring, and the Driver Attention Alert.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Look at Tesla in all its sophistication. This can happen because Tesla uses electrical energy as a driving force for cars. Because of this, the 2023 Mazda 3, which is expected to use electric fuel, must also have advanced connectivity technology.

The car is also expected to use the Android OS or the operating system made by Mazda itself. In addition, advanced features available on Tesla cars like Keyless Entry, Auto Pilot, Dog Mode, and others are also expected to be present in this car.

Price and Release

When viewed from the advanced specifications described above. This car is worth around $30,000 – $50,000. But, if the 2023 Mazda 3 comes with more advanced specifications, prices above $ 70,000 are worth it.

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