All-New 2025 Mazda BT-60 Rumors

All You Need to Know About the 2025 Mazda BT-60 Rumors

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2025 Mazda BT-60 Rumors

2025 Mazda BT-60 – The Mazda BT-50, a popular pickup truck in Australia, has been known for its lightweight design, high capability, and efficient engine options. As the successor to the B series of pickup trucks produced between 1961 and 2006, the BT-50 has evolved and collaborated with other automakers. Initially associated with the Ford Ranger and Everest, the third-generation BT-50, released in 2020, severed ties with Ford in favor of a partnership with Isuzu. Unfortunately, Mazda will not be bringing the BT-50 to the US soon.

2025 Mazda BT-60 Design

However, the digital car content creators’ world allows us to imagine what it could be. Dimas Ramadhan, the virtual automotive artist behind the Digimods DESIGN channel on YouTube, has envisioned a 2025 or 2026 ‘BT-60’ successor to the current BT-50. This hypothetical model features the latest Mazda styling, making it easily recognizable, along with rugged black-contrasting elements and massive plastic protections for the wheel fenders and sides. The proposed ‘BT-60’ also boasts a stylish integrated bumper and fake dual exhaust outlets.

2025 Mazda BT-60 Rumors

2025 Mazda BT-60 Rumors

The current BT-50 is a four-wheel drive, 4-door vehicle with five seats, powered by a 3.0L diesel turbo-four engine that produces 140 kW of power (at 3600 rpm) and 450 Nm of torque (at 1600 rpm) via a six-speed manual transmission. On automatic GT models, the BT-50 even offers remote engine start, allowing drivers to start the engine remotely and adjust the cabin temperature before entering the vehicle.

2025 Mazda BT-60 Price Release

While the Mazda BT-50 remains unavailable in the US, with prices ranging from $33,950 to $73,410 for the 2023 range of models in Dual Cab and Single Cab body types, the imaginative renderings of the 2025 Mazda BT-60 offer a glimpse into what the future of Mazda’s pickup trucks could look like. As the BT-50 continues to evolve and adapt to new partnerships and technologies, it remains an exciting prospect for automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

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